Teaching Two Ways

Yipirinya School caters for Aboriginal students as it offers a two-way (bilingual and bicultural) education helping to keep culture alive. The school follows the National Curriculum framework, and also teaches Aboriginal languages and culture.

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What does Yipirinya mean?

Yipirinya means 'caterpillar' in Arrernte. The school takes its name and ethos from the Caterpillar Altyerre Dreamtime story of the Arrernte people of Mparntwe (Alice Springs).

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Support the School

Yipirinya School caters for some of the most disadvantaged students in Australia and would like your support.


Latest News

             Yipirinya School

     Combined 2018 and 2019

      Annual General Meeting

 All Members are welcome to join us for our AGM to present the reports for the past year.

       Lunch will be provided

WHEN:Friday 27 November 2020

TIME: 10:00 am

WHERE: Yipirinya School Hall

  AGENDA 2018 & 2019

  1. Minutes from previous meetings
  2. Business arising from previous meetings
  3. President’s reports
  4. Principal’s Reports
  5. Financial reports
  6. Vacancies for Management Committee (Board)
  7. Any other business

Six vacancies exist for the current Management Committee.

 Please contact Yipirinya School on 08 8952 5633 if you wish to nominate someone for one of the vacancies.

Nominations accepted no later than 18 November 2020.

Term Dates

School Term Dates 2020 (269 k)

Are you interested in relief teaching at Yipirinya School?  Contact the office and register today.  


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